The 2 Solns....that as worked for me and 28(friends and others)

About a year ago, I was very sick to the head!

My Manhood was small and Could not last longer in bed (releases before entry n at things 10 seconds after entry)!

couldn't  satisfy my spouse either...  , .
.....and to her knowing this can erupt stress on the relationship.
-shameful and frustrating.


It was Hearth Breaking...couldn't go as deep as my fingers could to give her that stimulation and real fucking she expected. She wouldn't want to talk but i can see her leaving me already.

I tried using just any pills..It Doesn't work

I spent enough on pills as they weren’t the answer, they just never did increase penis girth like they promised.

What i wanted was the naturally solution to enhance erections and increase m penis size

I read several online article which explained so many techniques; one was the Stop-and-Start, another was d Squeeze methods,Deep Breathing and so many which didn't Just WORK-All Completely rubbish

I heard about some tools called Stretcher too. To be frank with you, this actually did increase m penis size, as I noticed some negligible gains... but these gains didn't last more than 3 days before my dick went back to it's sorry length :)

-=-They were just complete waste of Time=-


I optioned going to the hospital and knowing this might be placed on Surgery. I erased the option.

in my quest, I came about knowing this...(check the pic below)


I almost gave up the findings for the lasting solution....Chime(My spouse) almost disappeared as she never called me,her phone was neither available for two good weeks..She avoided me totally and then i realised she was leaving me already.


"I then started the h*t life race...I must correct this...Chime is going"

I started searching on the internet,
became a television addict
listens to radio, went to different pharmacist..

..........No definite Soln Came Out Of them....I was on the verge of giving up.

I was about sleeping on a Tuesday night(last week of march precisely) that windowed into a detailed THE LASTING SOLUTION that corrected my small penis as it's increases it's girth and length completely naturally. It also brought me the pure herbal ingredients(REVIVE) to Premature Ejection problem too.

The greatest and Most wanted MOMENT Came up!

Yeah the solutions to the Tough battle!

The first increased my manhood and the second correct the premature ejaculation Permanently,Naturally and %100 NO side effect.

The first is the Device in the picture below.

The Device above is the device that Increase my Dick

The one below is the pure herbal ingredients(REVIVE) that Enhancer my erecting to at least 20 minute before ejaculating. It Kill Quick OR WEAK Erection PERMANENTLY.


  I used it. It worked 100% Naturally Completely!!

"Chime Must Hear This" She Will Be Happy Too At Last.

i was able to get in touch with Chime,i told her about the whole solution. She was very Happy. she turned back to me and came back. I ALMOST LOSS HER!


“I Shouldn't Be A Bad Person.”

Now, You Need This Device Too. Right?

Of course you do...


Just as i realized this was common with most men Knowingly and Unknowingly. It can lead to low sperm count, inability to perform and others, It makes sex UNPLEASANT to both partners, makes a man useless, it makes women cheat on you and commonly brake relationship..

With the Device and the pure herbal ingredients(REVIVE), you will be confident with ability to Increase your "Johnson" and Be ably at least 20 minute before ejaculating;

The Device; as shown in the Picture above increase it within two to four weeks and your penis will increase to 7.3inch like mine .

The Revive; the Revive is the Ejaculation Enhancer Capsule with NAFDAC approved.

The REVIVE is made of a pure herbal ingredients produced to boost male sexual performance. The main mechanism of REVIVE to improve sex appeal is increase reflection of nerve condition. With revive, you enjoy bigger and harder erections!

REVIVE relieves premature ejaculation effectively and other erections difficulties caused by physical or psychological factors.


You get the needed size up to 7.3inches and the ability
to start lasting longer(20minute) before ejaculating/releasing
simple and naturally with the 2solutions like me.

Below is testimonies sent to my email from others that i sent it to.


I did a bit of research and got the manufacturers directly and entered into an agreement with them to supply us the device at 65% cheaper.

Instead of paying as much as N30,000 - N35,000 (the Normal price which was even the price i got it for myself and my friends), I went a partnership that almost took all my savings just to help you and others even as it takes time off my personal job. With this now you will able to get get this like me and the agreement brought the The Revive to N10,500 & The Device to N12000 + free DELIVERY to any where you are in Nigeria (free shipping is exclusive anywhere outside) while you even PAY ON DELIVERY!  FREE DELIVERY TO ALL STATE.

...While YOU EVEN PAY ON DELIVERY....You Pay When the Delivery Partner Brings IT.


REVIVE: N10,500, DEVICE: N12,000

While Today You Will Be Getting Both Together At Just N18,000


THIS Partnership Also Brought About a Contest in which 10 winners from anyone who get the 2solutions AND ONLY THOSE WHO WISHES to participate will be picked for a FREE All-expense-paid Medical Checkup In Japan with His Family.

This will be sponsor by Manufacturing Company if they wish to go and Out of which the few left of the 2soln gives any one interested the listing for the contest.

The few left of the 2solution gives access to the listings. 


While Today You Will Be Getting Both Together At Just N18,000

The device and The Revive Together goes for just N18,000 naira only.




This In fact Comes To While you Pay On Delivery, this means you pay when it get to you physically.



Here's How to Request and Pay On Delivery

 Are you ready to lay your hand into any of the 2 solution too?

If you say yes to that question. then you send the details below now.

Send an email to

The title of your email should be....

Request for Handsome Up and REVIVE Capsule.

Below is the information that you need to supply me.

       1. Your Names,

             2.   Your Full Address: This is where our courier will send your product to.

Note: Your home address must be easy to locate,State your address in full not just your  state and not just your street, type your state,City,Local government,Area,Street and others so that our dispatcher will find it easy  to locate you.

              3. Your Phone Number:

              4. Email Address:

You are to Send the above information to              .......OR text that to 08081153204. (note that i treat message to emails first)

Once i receive your details, i will notify my marketing company and our partner courier company will PACKAGE Well and bring the device to your address in 2 - 5 working days. You collect and then MAKE Payment On Delivery. You then unseal to open it yourself.


Celebes & Public Figures can Testify to that..(we respect privacy)


However, out of the 21 available pieces we imported, there should be about 12 left or so...

So you'll be doing yourself no good if you waste time and the limited number all get taken as thousands of people will read this page and as some fast takers already sent their own details just right now.

Follow the instructions above to supply your details right away, and wait for the courier guys to come knock at your door BEFORE THE REMAINING




Instant Urine Strack Ifection Solution

In line with the device and the reviv capsels, the company has now brought in an instant HERBAL redemy for Urine Tract Infection such as;

-Frequent urination while only passing small amount of urine

-Pain or burning sensation during Urination,

-Cloudy Urine,Pus in urine,Pain during sex,Foul Smelling urine,Abdominal cramps,lower abdominal pain

If you are going for the 2soln(N18,000) and the Urine Strack Herb(N20,010) = N38,010 instead of 82,000

Pls make sure to indicate if you are going for the Urine herb with the two solution as the Urine herb is optional.

The device and the reviv alone still goes for 18,000 only




~Olatunde Victor.

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